What studies should I pursue to start my own business?

Creating a business is a wish that attracts more and more people. It may be possible to start a business, but not everyone can do it.

The objective of a business in the broadest sense is to create wealth, through goods and services that meet the needs of individuals. There are different criteria to take into account when defining the type of business: the capital, the people involved, and the activities it offers. Obtaining a specialized degree will be the first step towards entrepreneurship and will allow you to acquire the necessary foundations to pursue your goal. There are several establishments that provide training in entrepreneurial culture.

In management schools

These schools are a good option because they aim to train students in business management. Indeed, they teach all the fundamentals as well as the skills needed to set up your own business. Many specialties are also possible within the framework of a business creation training. Some schools even offer their own incubator to help you with your project during your studies.

In business school

By taking a business creation course in these schools, you can develop an entrepreneurial spirit that will make it easier for you to make decisions in the process of developing your business launch project. Just like management schools, almost all business schools have structures to support the creation of projects, the incubators.

At the university

Like business schools, IAE have incubators to allow students to realize their project, it is also the case for IUT, or with the diploma of student-entrepreneur.

Through continuing education

Training in business creation is available through continuing education. It is possible to take a VAE (validation of acquired experience) to access some of these courses.