The advantages of the BTS MCO (ex BTS MUC) in alternation

The BTS MCO, Operational Commercial Management (Ex BTS MUC), is in high demand by students. The objective of this BTS is to train students in the management of commercial units. This is a generalist training program, where the competition is particularly present, in order to stand out, the alternation is a good alternative.

One of the advantages of taking a BTS MCO in alternation is that, during the two years of study, students are required to carry out missions in companies, while receiving a salary. This allows them to have a real immersion in the world of work beforehand, which is not negligible.

We have detailed the advantages of enrolling in a BTS MCO in alternation.

Joining a BTS MUC in alternation

After the Baccalauréat, it is possible to choose a BTS MUC in alternation. Most candidates already hold a Bac ES, a Bac pro commerce, or a Bac STMG.

It is important to know that since demand is high, the number of places in this specific training program is limited. Once your application has been sent to the various establishments, it will be studied closely and you will then be called for an interview, most of the time associated with an entrance test.

Before applying, make sure that your profile meets the following criteria: you are self-confident, you are adaptable, you have good interpersonal skills and you are dynamic.

Which company to choose?

The BTS MCO in alternation is directed towards management, communication, marketing, and negotiation. Once you have obtained your BTS MCO diploma, you will have to join a company that has its own sales outlet, such as a supermarket or a service provider, where customers travel, to take part in managing orders, market research and so on.

The rhythm of the BTS MCO in alternation

If you choose to do a BTS MCO in a work-study program, you should know that it takes place over two years and that the pace can vary depending on the school. Some require you to attend classes several days a week, while others require you to attend every two weeks.

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