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Post-pandemic: business school graduates in demand on the job market

The choice of what higher education to pursue is crucial in the lives of young people, as it determines their professional future. According to a survey conducted by the Graduate Management Admission Council, corporate recruiters anticipate a high demand for business school graduates.  As it does every year, the Graduate Management Admission Council, a global

How to choose a business school?

What are the different criteria to take into account when applying to a business school? There are several to keep in mind and we have listed them in 5 tips to discover below. The training offer The programs of the numerous business schools are often similar, however they each have their own specificities. Indeed, if

Some tips for choosing a business school major

Business school courses are increasingly close to the business world. As a result, graduates generally find it easier to find a job, provided they choose their specialization carefully. But how can you recognize the type of training that suits you best? Here are some tips on how to find the right program for you. It

How to choose a business school in Paris?

Beyond its tourist and economic appeal, Paris is a major academic center in Europe. Indeed, the capital of France is home to some of the largest schools on the Old Continent with a very wide range of specialties. In this article, we attempt to answer a question that all students who aspire to follow a