How to choose a business school?

What are the different criteria to take into account when applying to a business school? There are several to keep in mind and we have listed them in 5 tips to discover below.

The training offer

The programs of the numerous business schools are often similar, however they each have their own specificities. Indeed, if a student wishes to do a program in the form of a work-study program, this possibility is not necessarily offered by all business schools. It is therefore important to find out about these points before you apply, in order to choose the program that is best suited to you. Another element to consider when looking for a program is the quality of the teaching staff, i.e. the external speakers and the professionals who will accompany you throughout your training.

The international dimension

It is particularly advisable to choose a program with an international dimension. It will allow you to learn more about new cultures, to deepen your knowledge of a language from a professional point of view, and eventually, to obtain a double degree. If you are interested in these elements, it is necessary to find out about the partner schools of the targeted business school, which are based abroad.

Efficiency of professional integration

By looking at the results of different schools, you can get an overview of their performance, the career development of their alumni, and their ability to find a job upon graduation. These criteria can be decisive in the search process. To obtain this type of information, it is also possible to call upon the alumni of the institutions who will be able to give you feedback on their experience.

The quality of student life

When committing to a business school, it is always important to know a little about the school’s community life and the structures that allow students to have fun, gain experience and interact.

Tuition fees

It is important to know that joining a business school is not always cheap. Indeed, the cost of training can vary, but generally average around 11,000 euros. It is therefore important to find out about the possibility of financial aid from certain institutions.