The BTS Assistant Manager for whom and what for?

Substitute for the BTS Assistant de Direction since 2008, the BTS Assistant de Manager (AM) trains multitasking assistants and collaborators who are very close to managers and better able to adapt to the needs of companies. They are also most often assistants to a team of workers. Focus on the training and its outlets.

What are the objectives of the training?

The BTS assistant manager prepares future assistants with great versatility, whose role in the company will be relational, organizational and administrative… They will evolve in a key position with a manager, an executive and a team in an international climate or a complex organization.

Because of his or her proximity to a manager and the fact that he or she is also a reference for an entire group, the Assistant Manager plays a decisive role in different areas of the company, including internal and external communication, secretarial work, research and dissemination of information, organization of seminars or meetings, assistance in making decisions and following up on them…

In terms of the academic program, the theoretical teachings are complemented by periods of internship in a company of about 12 weeks or a rhythm alternating between school and company for students who choose the formula of alternation. In general, part of the internship is done abroad or in France in an international department. Mastery of a foreign language is therefore essential.

Who is concerned by the BTS Assistant de Manager?

This is a post-baccalaureate program that is open to all baccalaureate holders, regardless of their field of study, even if the number of students is dominated by holders of an STG bac.

An Assistant Manager needs a certain number of qualities to carry out his or her daily missions. In addition to a high level of organizational skills, he or she must be rigorous and autonomous, have a taste for foreign languages and know how to work in a team. Good interpersonal skills and a sense of human relations are also essential for achieving professional goals.

What to do with the BTS Assistant de Manager?

With the diploma in hand, the graduate can choose to start his or her professional career right away, or decide to continue studying to specialize. Those who choose the first option can work as:

  • Executive Assistant;
  • Manager’s Assistant; and
  • Human Resources Assistant;
  • Office or executive secretary…
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