The real estate negotiator’s job: skills and training to get there

In a real estate transaction, the real estate negotiator is the intermediary between the buyers and the owners. He or she must be present at all stages, from prospecting to the signing of the sales agreement. In this article, we suggest you discover the different skills of a real estate negotiator and the training required to practice this profession.

The different skills of a real estate negotiator

The real estate negotiation is a very complete function. Indeed, to be a good real estate negotiator, you must master several skills:

  • Financial skills: you will need to master the economics of real estate in order to be able to estimate the properties you will be entrusted with. You must also assist your clients in their choice of loan or verify if they have the necessary budget for a rental or a purchase.
  • Technical skills: in order to estimate a property or to advise your clients in the best possible way. You must know your city well. In addition, insulation, plumbing, roofing, heating, should not present any ambiguity for you.
  • Legal skills: the files that you must constitute at the time of the sale of a real estate are very framed by justice. As a real estate promoter, it will be your duty to fill them out accurately so as not to cause the cancellation of a transaction.
  • Relational skills: buyers will put in your hands properties representing important sums. In addition, you must also know how to put the owners who will be putting large sums of money in your hands at ease.

Training to become a real estate negotiator

To become a real estate negotiator, it is possible to follow a BTS in sales. You will have to find a host company that will sign your apprenticeship or professionalization contract. Once you have the status of work-study student, you will receive a salary for your work and your school fees will be covered.

It is entirely possible for holders of a BTS in sales to continue their studies up to a bac +3 in sales. This course of study is often accessible on the condition that you have obtained a mention in the exam and have a good record.

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