Post-bac exams: here are 5 tips for preparing for the exams

You are finally in your final year of high school, which means that the end of the year will be marked by the baccalaureate exam. This is a pivotal year for all candidates. Indeed, revisions are stressful, especially for those who are preparing for the post-bac exam at the same time. So to have chances to pass your exams with peace of mind, it is important to be well organized. To do so, here are 5 very important tips to put into practice.

Don’t make any mistakes

The curriculum for the senior year is very broad, but that’s no reason to make a misstep. It is important to master the whole program, but do not neglect the topics from last year because they may come in another form. Therefore, we advise you to prepare from the beginning of the year cards summarizing clearly the program of the year and prepare yourself as you go along, and do not wait until the last hours of the exams, because this could increase the stress. The same thing is valid for entrance exams to architecture or business schools, for example, summarize on the cards trying to understand the program and the knowledge needed for each test.

Knowing how to learn

When it comes to revision, students do not understand in the same way, some understand better what they see while others what they read. Depending on the type of student you are, here are a few tips on how to review:

  • Those with an auditory memory: reading and repeating aloud can help you learn better or record your voice by reading and listening to the recording over and over;
  • Those with a visual memory: cards with tables, diagrams…, are recommended for good revision.

Organize your revisions

Do not rely on luck. Of course, it is important to have self-confidence, but if you leave everything to chance, chances are that you will not succeed. To do this, you need to be well organized, you need to organize your schedule for the preparation of your baccalaureate and post-baccalaureate exams. Knowing how much time is devoted to a particular subject will allow you to organize yourself better.

In addition to these three valuable tips, it is also important to do practical exercises (dealing with the subjects of the annals for the competitive exams and the old bac subjects), but above all to know how to relax. In order to stay focused, it is necessary to take a little break, either by going to the gym or by having fun to relieve the pressure. But be careful not to overdo it either.