4 reasons to complete a degree in computer science

For those who are considering a computer science degree, but need more convincing, here are a top 4 reasons that are sure to make you feel better about your choice.

1. The digital age needs computer scientists

Whether you like it or not, you’re living in it: it’s the digital age. Computer programs have infiltrated almost every aspect of our lives. Computer scientists theorize, design, develop, and apply software and hardware for the programs we use every day, and that seems very important to us. In companies, digital transformation has become an imperative for growth and there are more innovations to this effect, including a recent one involving the interactive online organization chart. An ideal solution for very large accounts and multinationals in workforce management. Finally, the professional opportunities are real!

2. IT professionals are very well paid

Just about everywhere in Europe, IT professionals are in high demand on the job market and they have one of the highest salaries on the market. In France, their average salary is about 30 508 € per year. Some specialties pay more than others, a Google search will give you a more or less precise idea of what the different IT profiles earn on average.

3. Computer scientists are needed in all types of industries

Every industry uses computers, so computer scientists can naturally work in any field. Problems in science, engineering, health care and so many other fields can be solved by computers. It is up to the computer scientist to understand how, and to design the software to apply the solution.

4. Opportunity for a year of study abroad

Computers have gone global, and it would be foolish for computer training providers not to reflect this fact. Check out the study abroad opportunities on the courses that interest you. A year abroad will give you a better understanding of how computers are used around the world, allowing you to experience other cultures and learn new language skills. It will be a nice addition to your resume that recruiters will certainly appreciate.