What is a BTS NRC ?

The BTS in Negotiation and Customer Relations is one of the most popular commercial diplomas with a 2-year degree, along with the BTS in Management of Commercial Units. Its objective is to train students for jobs in commerce, sales and purchasing, and to enable them to acquire skills that will make them quickly operational, after only two years of higher education. This is all the more true if the training is followed in alternation. Let’s decipher it!

What does the BTS NRC program look like?

Generally, the educational content combines general subjects (French, law and economics, communication, modern languages…) and more technical subjects such as customer management, team management, project management. Students are prepared for sales systems, relationships and commercial English.

When you do the bts nrc in alternation, the course takes on a more pragmatic emphasis which materializes in periods of immersion in the company, during which the alternating students put into practice what they have learned in class and acquire considerable experience in a short time. These profiles are therefore highly valued by recruiters for their knowledge of the professional environment. There is also the possibility of following the training by correspondence. In this case, it is necessary to be very organized in order to give oneself chances to succeed.

How to integrate a BTS NRC ?

Students with a baccalaureate can enter the program. Candidates are selected according to the relevance of their file and the quality of their motivation interview. Candidates must above all have a good presentation, a spirit of initiative and be dynamic during the oral exam.

What are the opportunities of the degree?

Graduates of the program can specialize in canvassing and developing customer loyalty, producing commercial information, and organizing and managing teams. They will thus be able to access positions such as:

  • Sales promoter ;
  • Prospector ;
  • Network coordinator;
  • Sales promoter ;
  • Sales representative.
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